jordan matter

"in jordan matter's photos, dancers make all the world their stage." - the new york times

jordan has two bestselling books ("dancers among us'" and "born to dance"), almost 5M subscribers on youtube, 1.5M followers on instagram, and despite his terrible dance skills, 2.4M followers on tiktok. 

some of jordan's collabs:

charli d'amelio, sofie dossi, addison rae, abby lee miller, lopez brothers, rybka twins, piper rockelle, rebecca zamolo, derek hough, jack & bailey payne, ben azelart, matt steffanina, tayler holder, michael le, cheer cast, nia sioux, elliana walmsley, lilly ketchman, maesi kaes, brynn rumfallo, entire cast of dance moms season 8, autumn miller, ninja kidz, sky brown, crazy 8's, charity & andres, charlize glass, soloflow, kaycee rice and sean lew, anna mcnulty, eva Igo, cirque du soleil, kamri noel, stefanie millinger, tate mcrae, JT church, alex wong, michaela deprince, the globetrotters, capezio, bloch and, most importantly, hudson & salish matter :)